• Najeeb Olomi

Winter essentials to keep your home cosy this winter!

What’s the key to creating a cosy living space?

Embracing texture and colour, playing with light and really shaping your room to be proudly you – rather than just a showcase, will help transform your living space into a cosy haven. A couple of throws on the  couch, cushions that you can sink into, and a rug that’s good underfoot all help for that cosy moment where you want to bunker down and cocoon for winter. Add in some plant life, a few different lighting elements (lighting is crucial for warming up a space), and letting your space look lived in – that’s the perfect recipe for cosy.

What are the key things to look for when purchasing a rug?

When looking for a rug I always suggest measuring up first – to understand your floor plan and how you want to frame your furniture. Then I look at texture, size, colour and shape. A rug wields many powers – not only can it define a space, it instantly adds warmth, and can act as an artwork for a space if you look for a rug that makes a statement.

If it’s for a high-traffic area, I suggest a hard wearing jute or sisal; dhurries and kilims are known for their bright designs, tend to be reversible and are generally easy to clean; tufted rugs – such as wool or cottons are great for low traffic areas, and feel great underfoot. Over dyed or distressed rugs have a softened texture and are great for moderate foot traffic.

What’s trending at the moment in rugs?

Natural materials and textures are always in fashion, you can’t go wrong when you invest in quality pieces. I’m also a fan of the round rug – if you couple it with a circular piece of furniture it creates a spot of interest and intrigue. And when it comes to creating drama in a room, you can’t go past a statement rug.

Advice when it comes to purchasing a throw?

Always go for texture and colour – nothing beats a throw to layer in some visual interest, whether it’s to a sofa, armchair or bed. Don’t be afraid to play around – I switch them up around the home to keep things fresh.

Texture, texture, texture, and more texture is key when it comes to picking a throw. A chunky knit adds visual interest.

How can you mix things up with cushions?

There are a lot of interesting prints, patterns and textures coming out (winter is ALL ABOUT TEXTURE!). There’s not a strict rule when it comes to cushions – except to have fun!

What’s trending in the world of cushions?

It’s hard to go past velvet – it continues to have a huge moment, and rightly so. It’s timeless, luxe and something you can enjoy every day.

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