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Preparing your home for photos!

Great photos are a vital element of a successful sales campaign.  Most people's first impression of your property will not be up close and personal, it’ll be through the photographs presented in the online listing.  The camera’s eye is different from the human eye and it tends to magnify any issues or anything that doesn’t look perfect.  So spending time preparing your property for the photo shoot is time well spent…plus it will help you prepare it for the all-important open homes. To ensure your property is shoot ready when the photographer arrives, here’s a room by room photo styling checklist to help turn your property into a super model. Throughout the property

Thoroughly clean the whole house (vacuum the carpet, mop wooden floors, clean benchtops)

Clean all your windows

Clear clutter off any surface

Turn all ceiling fans off

Turn all TVs off

Turn all computer screens off

Remove all personal photographs

Ensure all shoes and toys are put away

Open all blinds, shutters and curtains to bring in natural light

Turn on all lights

Create a feeling of space in each room – remove surplus furniture and make sure mirrors aren’t in places that will reflect in the photos

Curb Appeal

Close the garage doors

Remove your car/s from the driveway and from the front of the property

Clean up landscaping (sweep paths, mow the lawn, trim shrubs, clear dropped leaves)

Ensure all cobwebs from around the cornices and door frames are removed

Remove visible water hoses

Remove toys, sports equipment, soccer goals etc

Potentially add pot plants outside front door


Clear the clutter from any benches

Ensure there is no old fruit in a fruit bowl

Leave one to two nice appliances on the bench

Remove everything from the fridge doors including magnets, artwork and flyers

Hide garbage bins

Ensure no dishes are in the sink

Close the dishwasher door

For a splash of colour a bowl of fresh citrus fruit can make a great centre piece

Dining table

Remove all clutter from the table

Place a centre piece on the table such as a vase of flowers in a colour that compliments the rest of your décor or a decorative bowl or ornament

Straighten up any chairs and ensure they are evenly spaced around the table

Remove high chairs or booster seats 

Living / Family room

Remove stacks of magazines, newspapers and mail

De clutter book shelves, fire place mantel, television cabinet

Hide remote controls

Plump up cushions

Remove / hide any kids or animal toys

If you have indoor plants – remove any dead leaves and dust large leaves

If you don’t have indoor plants consider adding a couple – great for photos and for open homes 


Remove all toiletries from the vanity – no toothbrushes, deodorant or clutter

Remove shampoos, soaps etc from showers and bathtubs

Ensure toilet seat is down

Add a new toilet roll

Add some nice soap, a small flowering plant and perhaps a candle

Add fresh plump towels 

Pull open the shower curtain


Make all beds neatly…think hospital corners If need be iron bed linen and bed ruffle

Remove all personal items from bedside tables.  A small stack of books, a light and a small pot plant is all you need here

Remove all family photos from the walls

Clean under bed, removing items that may show up in the photos

Remove any wall stickers in kid’s rooms

Tidy bookshelves and remove some items if it looks very cluttered


Hide food and water bowls and litter boxes

Remove pet beds and toys

Vacuum sofas to ensure there is no animal hair

Keep pets out of the house

Ensure front and backyard are clear of pet toys

Highlight special features

If you have certain spaces that you want to highlight, make sure you tell the photographer.  For instance, you may want a feature Your display shelves Fire place or fire pit – but make sure it has a fire or the photographer photoshops in a firePool or spa – but make sure they are sparkling clean Most importantly we are here to help you, so please ask us any questions you have about how to maximise your properties photo potential.

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