• Najeeb Olomi

Making your house stand out at an open for inspection!

In a world of increasingly sophisticated technology, there is still absolutely no substitute for attending an open house.

Buyers need to physically experience the space, layout and feel of a home, and wise vendors work hard to turn that brief encounter into a lasting love affair.

The best video listing can still never take the place of seeing the reality, which can then start to build into an emotional connection. It’s that moment you step through the door at an open home that you can truly begin to imagine what it might be like to live there.

It’s critical for sellers to work out the important elements for their open house. The main aim is to make a house look as spacious as possible. That space with the placing of your furniture is the single most important thing.

Use your existing furniture – or take some out, or rent new furniture – to make the rooms look as big and as open as possible. Then create a homey, cosy feel with accessories, like plants, flowers, artwork and cushions.

Another vital element in making a home alluring is to ensure it is sparkling clean with a pleasant scent.  You don’t want your real estate agent to take out insects, wipe surfaces and unlock windows to let in fresh air. Put some fresh flowers in a vase or have a candle or oil burner on

It’s amazing how many vendors have a film of grime over windows blocking out light, tide lines in the bath and a layer of fat on kitchen surfaces showing the exhaust system isn’t good.

De-cluttering is vital so visitors see how much room there is and can imagine their own possessions in the home.

Vendors can hide their gear, store it somewhere else or hire a professional helper.

Lots of family pictures, books and personal possessions inhibit people from seeing themselves in the space. Counter tops and cupboards all look much bigger without lots of stuff on, and in, them.

If you see a well-organised home, a potential buyer feels they can, if they buy that home, be like that too. It’s all about aspirations.



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