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Have a small bathroom? RENO TIPS

Space is one thing many bathrooms lack. But with some clever planning and product selection, there are plenty of ways to make the most of what you’ve got.

It all comes down to what a person needs in their bathroom. Is it a family bathroom, ensuite, or is it just for a single person to use?

Vanity drawers can be designed with compartments for extra organisation.

The vanity, which is usually the first thing people purchase for a bathroom, can be customised to fit any space.

Internally, vanities can have any kind of drawer, cupboard or shelf you can think of.

Almost anything you can put into a kitchen cupboard, you can put in a bathroom vanity too. Hidden drawers for makeup and smaller items and built-in LED lighting are both great space savers.

Slimline towel rails use the vertical wall space and look sleek.

If you design a vanity there are all sorts of clever tricks you can use to save space and create the illusion of having more space, for instance, you can narrow the depth of a basin or move the wastes to avoid them being right in the middle of the cupboard.

Go for a moulded acrylic sink that’s part of the bench top rather than a chunky porcelain sink, and wall mounting tap ware to give more usable bench space.

Wall-hung toilets are an excellent space-saving option.

Mirrored cabinets with built in shelving and recessed tiled shelves in the shower or behind the toilet are also popular ways to maximise storage in small spaces.

Wall-hung toilets, where the cistern is hidden, are good for tight spots and give a sleek look.

Dark colours, tiles and lighting can be used to create an illusion of more space.

There’s been a move towards slimline towel racks or even ones that hang from the ceiling or come up from the ground.

Use lighting, tiling and colour to give an overall feeling of spaciousness in a bathroom.

Many people think dark colours close a space down but in the bathroom they actually work to make it look bigger because your eye can’t find the depth of field. Lighting and tile size and shape can also be used to enhance this.

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