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Choosing an agent CHECKLIST

  1. Talk to family and friends It is worth asking family, friends and neighbours who’ve sold property recently about their experiences and recommendations.

  2. Understand your online advertising options Research shows 87% of people search for properties to buy on the internet. Make sure you understand the different online advertising options available.

  3. Check who has sold properties in your area Taking note of which agents have sold properties will give you a good indication of which agents are doing well in your local area.

  4. Visit agents to check their professionalism Ask to see examples of flyers and advertising they have produced for properties like yours.

  5. Develop a short list of preferred agents Narrow down your list to two or three agents and ask them for a valuation. The highest valuation is not necessarily the best, as an over-priced house may not sell.

  6. Discuss advertising options When you meet with your short list of agents, ask them how they recommend advertising your property – this will influence the number of potential buyers who see your property.

  7. Check the small print Once you’ve selected your agent, check the terms of the appointment; it’s your responsibility to know what you’ve agreed to before signing anything legally binding.

  8. Avoid choosing an agent based only on their commission rate Consider the agent’s experience, local area knowledge and quality of their proposed advertising schedule – to be confident that your property is seen by the largest number of potential buyers to maximise the selling price. An agent who charges commission to sell your property will have a different approach to one that charges a fixed success fee. Take the time to understand the different options available to you and which might be the best for you.

  9. Ask questions Make sure that you are comfortable with the selling process and if you are unsure, or don’t know – ask!

  10. Ask for feedback Your agent should keep you updated throughout the sales process.

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