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Did you say an appraisal?

Let’s get you up to part with what an appraisal is. Relax! we aren’t trying to sell you anything, in fact we’re offering free appraisals over at ONLY Estate Agents Narre Warren. An appraisal is the process of determining an unbiased price range for your property, taking into account current market conditions and trends. Market appraisals are very important towards home insurance, selling, listing and determining council rates.

Book a Time and Let’s Begin….

1. I will call you and discuss with you details such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and the current condition of your house. It is crucial that you’re honest with us so we’re able to gather accurate and reliable information.

2. With all the information you provided I will sit in my office with all the details of your property to research on similar properties sold within the most recent months. Depending on the available data I will pick the most recent properties sold in the market that matches the description that you provided. In most cases I will do my best to provide you with at least 8 examples.

3. I will visit your lovely home in person and examine important factors such as the number of rooms, bathrooms, Land area and recent improvements to verify and validate the information you had provided on the phone. Please keep in mind that the current condition and quality of the home can come into play.

4. At this stage I should have collected all the information required to compare the properties to the subject property. We will sit on your cosy couch and I will walk you through the comparison process between your property and the recently sold comparable.

5. At this stage I will provide my expert opinion on where your property stands within the current market. Don’t worry, I will also take into account your concerns on what you think is the value of you precious home and provide you with a final price range that your property could potentially sell for if it enters the current market.

6. Finally, I will thank you for your time and head back to my office to forward you a submission report that contains all the information we had discussed verbally and the price range your property falls within. Your appraisal is done!

Your Free Appraisal is waiting for you!

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