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Let’s Get You Selling!

With the state of the current market you may have doubts on how to sell your property. Regardless of the state of the market it can be beneficial to know the process of selling your property.

Decide and Prepare

Selling a property can be a crucial moment in an individuals’ life, therefore taking correct sales decisions are a must. If it’s a YES! A simple de-cluttering of the property in preparation for the selling process is a good start.

Appraisals & Agents

This is where I come in! Since getting the best possible price for your property can be what’s running through your mind, it may be a good idea that you show interest in getting multiple appraisals for your property.

Take your time and compare the appraisals you have obtained side by side. The Comparison process does not simply mean you agree to the highest value provided, so be mindful of what is a realistic value in your area since you wouldn’t want your property to sit in the market for too long.

Picking a sale method

After winning you over I will provide you with different options available to you in advertising your property for the best possible outcome. Feel free to address any concerns you have with different forms of advertising so we’re both on the same page.

Setting a sale price

The market appraisal you received at the beginning will act as a guide in deciding the value of your property. It becomes a numbers game where we must take into account the number of rooms, location, size and other specific factors in agreeing upon a value.

Reviewing the Agreement

An agreement containing commission rates, the estimated sales price and the period of exclusive authority between the parties are signed at this stage of the process.

Preparing vendor’s statement

This is another boring step that I will take care of for you, we prepare the Vendor’s Statement (section 32) that will provide the purchaser with all the information required

Show them what it’s worth

Photographs, floor plans and online Ads are all you need to know; since I’ll be busy preparing all that to have your property looking schmick on the market.

Introducing to the market

The property enters the market and the prospective buyers are booked in for viewing your property or booked in to attend the open home. Make sure that I am providing you with enough notice and keeping you updated.

Negotiating Numbers

An auction of the property or an exchange of offers will occur in this step where I will overlook this process to help you and the buyer come to a mutual price. The final price is further cemented through a deposit.

Under Contract

Letting both parties’ financial and legal representatives finalise the sale through meeting all legal and financial obligations.


We have finally sold your property and I will slap that SOLD sticker on your property and take those keys off your hand!

Are you currently on the fence with your decision to sell your property? Let’s start today with a free appraisal and see where your property stands in the current market! Please feel free to contact us regarding our services.

Only one thing left to do …….

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