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Budget living room updates to do in a weekend.

1. Create the ultimate shelfie

Painting a set of shelves to be the same colour as your walls (even if white) is a great way to introduce ‘floating’ pieces of decor into your lounge room, without it being overbearing or cluttered. A lounge room naturally needs some space for your fave items, so purchasing a free-standing unit or DIY-ing some built-in shelves is a good way to kick off your makeover.

2. Discover your style

Are you wanting a classic-looking lounge, a modern-looking setting or something a little more industrial? Once you’ve set your heart on a style you like, get hunting for some under $100 furniture options that don’t break your overall budget. If you’re on the hunt for some bigger pieces for your makeover, you can't go past shops like Big W, Kmart and Target.

3. Be bold

Have you ever considered painting a feature wall or painting your whole lounge a new, bold colour? A lick of paint can bring about warmth, a new vibe and a level of sharpness that may not have been in a space before. Deep green, royal blue and rich-based colours are always a good place to start.

4. Adventure with texture

Plan to have some textures in your lounge room. Could you add a simple fabric lounge chair for comfort?

Faux fur rugs are also handy for throwing over the back of a couch or chair and add depth to furniture.

Consider cushions with tassels to add a bit of fun to the space.

5. Shop for practical pieces

When it comes to updating furniture (when you’re on a lean budget) choose practical over pretty. Add a modern addition to any lounge room that can easily be moved around the room when you have extra guests to visit.

6. Complete with accessories

Let’s not forget the final touches. There’s a stack of budget-friendly decor items out there. My tips? Don’t go overboard. Get what you need and if you’re making over a smaller space, more decor will make it feel smaller so shop wisely.

Baskets are a good way to store blankets, kids’ toys and double up as pot plants.

Mirrors are decorative and will bounce extra daylight into your lounge. Choose one that suits other rooms in your home, in case you want to shift it.

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